– 14.07.2022

UNDER THE OPEN SKY – Dinner for Ukraine

Das Lovis Restaurant in Berlin veranstaltete ein köstliches 4-Hände-Dinner, das von Küchenchefinnen Sophia Rudolph und Katerina Efimchuk zubereitet wurde. 100 % der Spenden aus der Veranstaltung gingen direkt an "Kyiv Volunteer".

Dinner for Ukraine
Sophia Rudolph & Katerina Efimchuk

Dinner for Ukraine was the first of a series of events in support of Ukraine and the people that continue their lives and work in the current war zone. ‘Under the Open Sky’ is planned as an ongoing series to raise funds for humanitarian organisations and civilian initiatives that are currently active.

Our first event was a 4-hands dinner at Lovis Restaurant, where Sophia Rudolph (head chef at Lovis, Berlin) and Katerina Efimchuk (head chef of Wine Love, Kyiv) were cooking together, in support of ‘Kyiv Volunteer’.

Katerina Efimchuk is head chef at Wine Love in Kyiv, a restaurant that has now turned into a kitchen that feeds 900 people daily. With her work, she is part of a bigger network, ‘Kyiv Volunteer’, an association of 23 restaurants and cafes in Kyiv, that are providing more than 15,000 portions daily for the Ukrainian defense forces, hospitals, kindergartens, and nursing homes.

For the dinner, Katerina came to Berlin all the way from Kyiv, cooked with Sophia, and returned to Kyiv with the donations in hand.

“War is a test of courage and honesty. Everyone has their own place in this war. I’m here in my restaurant with my team and the challenge we now face every day is to solve the puzzle of finding food to feed 900 people. War has no days off, war has no choice and I don’t ask myself any unnecessary questions – I just do what I love, know, and can. Before the war, my kitchen was a place of experimentation and discovery, a place of products and ingredients that I adored. 

Right now, my kitchen is not about experiments, but about efficiency: how to feed as many people as possible, how to make the dishes more nutritious, and how to find ingredients. Right now, my main experimentation is how to make food feel even warmer and softer. 

Right now, my main goal is to provide a sense of security and comfort to those who protect us. Nothing has changed for me. Only the circumstances. I’m staying here, in my place. And I’ll be in my kitchen as long as I can.”


– Katerina Efimchuk

Wilmina and Design Hotels have covered the costs of the menu, drinks, and staff for the April 12th 2022 dinner. This means that 100% of your donation went directly to ‘Kyiv Volunteer‘, the people on the ground in Kyiv. We have partnered with the non-profit-organization ‘Be An Angel e.V.’ to ensure that your donation is transferred as directly and quickly as possible.

If you were unable to attend the event, but would like to donate to Katerina and ‘Kyiv Volunteer’, feel free to give however much you can. Every donation, small or large, is needed and appreciated.

The dinner included a preview of paintings created since the war started by the two Kyiv-based artists, Ivan Grabko and Masha Reva. More information to follow.

Hosted by Vasily Grogol & Kristina Skripka and Gustava Grüntuch & Gordian Grüntuch
In Partnership with Design Hotels and Wilmina
We also want to thank our partner Be An Angel e.V.

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